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It's Bonus Time!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

As if high salaries were not enough, the CSU decided that it needed to hand out big bonuses to upper management for meeting unspecified "targets". This article at the San Diego Reader uncovers some grotesque practices of the corporate business culture at SDSU and likely the entire CSU system. Oh, and at the same time they planned to increase student fees.


The article is short and many people missed it, but it had some real gems.

  • In 2016, the already highly paid Provost and senior vice president for academic affairs Chukuka Enwemeka received a bonus of $26,626.

  • Keep in mind his previous compensation for 2015 was an incredible $427,086.92.

  • "SDSU’s vice president for University Relations and Development Mary Ruth Carleton was gifted an additional $25,288 for meeting her objectives."

  • BTW, VP Carleton already had a salary of $371,939.24 up from a salary of $225,000 in 2008.

  • Meanwhile, the Administration raised student fees "from $1504 in 2016 to $1612 in 2017, a boost of $108".

More math: The bonuses from just these two people could have covered the tuition hikes for 500 students. And looking at the salary, it gets quite a bit more astonishing. Both of them nearly doubled their salaries over the past few years. This is a total of over $500,000 dollars extra in just ONE YEAR for these two people (including benefits). This would have covered the fee increases of 5000 students. Or the salaries of between 5 and 10 faculty members.

Remember, these are just two administrators. What about all the others?

Let's get this straight

So if administrators get raises, often each year, why do they also get bonuses? Who decides who gets bonuses and how many administrators get them?

Remember this when management says that there "isn't enough money" to replace your ten-year old computer or hire new faculty or give faculty/staff a raise.

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