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The (SFSU) Sting

No more Professors for YOU! (Or your kids.)

Managers know best

Remember how just last year (June 2018) the California Lawmakers allocated new money for the CSU? Faculty and students fought for this money and it included $364 Million for 2018-19. One of the most notable AND MOST IMPORTANT aspects of this funding was the $25 Million explicitly set aside for hiring tenure-track faculty. You know, to teach students and help them graduate with actual knowledge and skills.

For San Francisco State University (SFSU) has other ideas:


  • The SFSU Deans and Provost refuse to show the number of projected hires.

  • The SFSU managers appear to be allocating ALL THE EXTRA MONEY to the so-called "Graduation Initiative".

  • The CSU Admin continues to say no money for hires, classes or wage increases but NEVER show the budget.

Doesn't having more faculty mean more classes and better graduation rates?

To be clear, this was the precise language in the bill:

And this is from the Office of the Chancellor:

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